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Okey, This is USELESS!!

2010-07-20 20:35:26 by foxic95

I tried to be a part of the community by tributing a flash to the site. But then it gets removed one day later! WTF?!
This sux so badly! i can't believe other REALLY crappy animes got through but not this?! O.o
If if wasn't for the good frontpage flashes i'd tell this website to go F@#K itself.


2010-05-09 12:01:03 by foxic95

I'm bored :/

Link me something fun :P

YEAH! Thanks!

2009-09-27 06:46:46 by foxic95

I'm glad my icon picture works now! Thanks to ''Biffthetimid''! Everyone who reads this should
really check his stuff out! he rocks at drawing, animating and he's funny too!
go check him out now!

Thanks to all of you who helped me!

Here's a pic i drew for you!
Can't thank you enough

YEAH! Thanks!

Aww! Need more help!

2009-08-06 09:09:04 by foxic95

I was trying to use a new picture i made as an icon. but when i was finished with my hard work of making it on MS Paint, i tried to upload it. Then newgrounds said that it had a transparent background.
but i don't know what that means! so i tried again with no background and it still didn't work!
can anyone PLEASE help me?

This is the picture i tried to use as my new icon...

Aww! Need more help!

Thanks to all of ya!

2009-05-16 17:04:28 by foxic95

Well, as i said before, I don't know if i'm ever going to upload one of my flashes to newgrounds. Though i do have plans of uploading them/some to youtube. And BTW, Thanks for the help all you guys gave me when i were having problems in my last letter.
Cuz now i do know were to get sound (flashkit and findsounds). i still have some problems with
how to get them when i'm on the site but i did get some sounds from findsounds at least. And
AudaCity works great when recording sounds but it was a little hard to get it at first but when i understood that you should download that LAME thing (HA! get it? no, i suck at jokes..) things were going better if it wasn't of course for my bad voice and acting skills...

You might have seen that my picture in this page have changed but it still sux though.
I haven't tried to change my icon picture since it failed last time i tried but i should try sooner or later.
I don't have any better ideas than that toxic can with the fox on it but i'd be grateful if any of you had
any ideas to send me. And of course, if you have a better idea for my page image, I'd really like if
you chared your thoughts with me.

Thanks for taking your time, reading my crappy letters! I really like it that way :) When i'm done with my flash films, i'll post it right up and you'll be able to watch it on Youtube! And when you do,
Please rate and comment ;) !

I don't know if i'm ever going to upload one of my flashes to newgrounds. So i guess i created an account to just rate and review. Though there is a reason why i don't upload, and that's because
i don't know everything yet. for an example, i don't know how to get sound, were to get sound,
where to record sound to make it an 'mp3' type A.S.O. (if you know answers to these questions,
please tell me! ).

And one more thing...
I try and try to change my picture here on newgrounds but it doesn't work! (i make my pictures on paint). First it tells me something about needing some kind of file type, so i made it that file type.
Then it tells me something about a 'transparent bakground' then i think WTH is a 'transparent bakground' !?!
(Also, if you know what i do wrong i'd like you to tell me what, thank you!).
I were going to have like a oil drum (don't know if that's the name of them) filled with dripping
nuclear waste with a fox on it, to make it look like, toxic and fox to make the ultimate,
I don't know why 95, i kinda just tapped in a random number, but it usually gets to 95 in the end...
Well, anyway!

Thanks for reading! :) (this doesn't consern all of you who skipped everything and just read this because it was separated from the rest, though you might have read the thing with ''SUPER EVIL''
A.S.O. 'cause it stood out from the text so much... Anyway, At least you read this xD!!! sucker!)